Making Online Choices and the Effect of Other Peoples Opinions. thumbnail

What makes you choose to click on a link, to view an article or to share something on Facebook? Usually it’s because you think you will find the content informative or funny but with social media recommendations becoming the main way that we find things online we now have to judge how much we listen [...]

Psychology of Numbers and Why 7 is ‘The Luckiest’ thumbnail

When we look at numbers they should simply represent amounts of something. But we're humans, we end up having opinions about them. Superstitions evolve around them and feelings get evoked by seeing them. The number 13 is considered by many to be unlucky. The phobia of the number 13 known as Triskaidekaphobia and according to [...]

The ‘Love Hormone’ Oxytocin Makes Men More Loyal thumbnail

What is the characteristic that you view as the most important in a partner? Is it sense of humor, how attractive they are, kindness? Well a recent study showed that the top characteristic we look for is loyalty (Emond and Eduljee, 2014). So what is it that makes someone loyal? Recently researchers have been looking [...]

Children and Animals: How Animals Can Help your Child Develop thumbnail

Animals are lovely. We keep them as pets and pay large amounts of our hard earned cash to go to zoos and stare at them through bars that keep us from getting mauled. We laugh instead of cry when monkeys jump on our cars and start tearing off the windscreen wipers with a wanton disregard. [...]

Conspiracy Theories and How They Affect Believers Behaviour thumbnail

We have all heard of one type of conspiracy theory or another. Was 9/11 planned by the U.S. government? Did aliens land on earth back in the 50's and are now being kept at area 51? Is the government trying to control our minds using aeroplane jet streams? But how do the believers in these [...]

How to Relax in Stressful Situations thumbnail

All of us have situations that we find stressful, waiting in line, exams, talking to someone you are attracted to or going for an interview are just a few examples. Wouldn't it be nice to control that nervousness at a moments notice? Then try some of these techniques when you find it is all too [...]

10 Amazing Pioneers in Forensic Psychology thumbnail

Most people when they think of forensic psychology think about violent murderers who are being poked and prodded to find out which nerve will turn off the murderer gene but in fact it is a lot more complicated than that. Most forensic psychologists are actually trying to find characteristics about all humans that could lead [...]

Does Chewing Gum Help You to Remember? thumbnail

Working in a school I am constantly telling students to spit their gum out and a common retort is 'but sir it makes me think better'. Even though I am all for people focusing on a problem I still tell them to put it in the bin, but should I be? The act of chewing [...]

Psychology of Massage: The Effect on The Mind thumbnail

So many people hail the benefits of massage and say how great they feel afterwards, people are willing to pay serious money to get it done professionally and they come out of it glad they paid for the service. So is this all a placebo effect or do we actually recieve positive physical effects from [...]

Energy Drinks: The Physical and Psychological Effects thumbnail

Over the past few years energy drinks have been growing steadily in popularity, particularly amongst the younger generation and they can have both positive and negative side effects. I am going to be honest, I am sitting here right now with an empty can of energy drink resting next to me. I find that it [...]

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