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 The miracles and wonders of Meditation 

The amazing positive turn of events that result from silent meditation are so powerful that one couldn’t even imagine they might take place up until they are experienced.

If you are overwhelmed and crave answers or you are feeling as if you don’t belong in the world around you, silently meditating has the force to lead you to what is right.

Perhaps you have only a simple problem over where to go next or you are making an attempt to get over an addiction such as cigarette smoking. In spite of the problem you are experiencing, your chance of solving it through meditation is high!

Maybe it won’t happen in your first – or even third or fourth (and so on) – session, but it’s quite possible. It totally depends upon just how much energy and time you lend to releasing your mind while meditating.

What are a few of the miraculous meditation benefits which might get you to pondering why you didn’t start before?

Psychological Benefits of Meditating


Meditation is a bit of time for focusing on the present moment. It’s a time to separate the ‘garbage’ and what is real; and that will only come about by listening to your most divine voice from deep in your soul.

Shed resentments here, feel the answer of what is right, and sort out possible solutions.

Improved Self Perception

Over time as you get more practice meditating and making the decision to satisfy your deepest desires, you will acquire a notable sense of who you are through divine knowledge.

You are going to be more comfortable with who you are regardless of your surroundings and live with a sense of peace – neither requesting an excessive amount nor turning away when it’s your time to win.

Inner Peace

True Contentment is an amazing gift of meditation that allows you to locate quietness no matter what the case is. Keep in mind that fear and discomfort is caused by not staying in the moment.

When you are experiencing fear, it’s predominantly during the time your head is off somewhere and you are the only one. There is no one with you away in the land of what-ifs to offer you reason; and it’s horrifying when you’re by yourself in uncharted territory.

Meditation will give you habitual experience with remaining present in the current time; and it is a skill that can come in handy several times over the course of every day!

Not as Much Emotional Stress

Emotional tension is accompanied by quite a few symptoms and can lead to an influx of discomforting conditions, like insomnia, indiscriminate angriness, cognitive handicap and many other physical and emotional consequences whose discomfort can all be immensely reduced and possibly eliminated with time practicing meditation.

Meditation Benefits on Health

Longer Life

Perhaps you might already have an awareness of the correlation regarding emotional tension and failing health, still the reality is: The physical response of nearly all living beings to emotional stress is not any mystery to the world of healthcare.

Emotional tension is understood to cause some of the most health-compromising problems consisting of higher blood pressure, eating obsessively, heart blockage, lower white blood cell count and much more.

And then combine the absolutely uncomfortable ill effects of social anxiety including physical pain and discomfort, muscle cramps, and frequent headaches.

If you take advantageous commitments in your life like meditation and consistently deciding upon more esteem-raising choices, you are in a position to become significantly less compromised by emotional stress and perhaps even more likely to live with good health and fitness for a longer lifetime as a result.

Healthier Circulation

Silent Meditation is frequently practiced by working on extended, steady breaths. This mode of getting oxygen works miracles for your lung health, cell replenishment, heart health, and actually even the health of your brain!

Miraculous Gifts of Meditation

The spiritual gifts of meditation are perhaps the most compelling good reasons to silently meditate. For the ultimate reply on the question: Why engage in mediation?

The answer is: To establish a connection to the Universe and to be aware of the Life Force Energy rushing through every human being.

Increased Knowledge

Many people point out that reminiscence is 20/20; and this is quite generally true. Consider enjoying that kind of foresight in life before the fact, though.

Consistently meditating enables you to develop a deep intuitive knowledge of which steps will need to take place subsequently so that you can realize your goals.

After you have established your own oneness with the Life Force Energy, it actually gets hard deciding upon the ‘wrong’ course of action; given that you appear to be guided intuitively to the place you should go.

Right Place at the Right Time

From time to time it’s hard to realize exactly why you do the things you do…Such as driving completely out of your way one particular day seemingly for no perceptible motive or you stop in a place that you usually don’t.

In a situation where this phenomenon presents itself and you make a connection with a like-minded person or receive the perfect opportunity as a result, that is a prime example of Universal intervention; and it could happen many a time when you stay willing and keep listening to the divine insight you seek from meditating silently.

Annmarie Everette

Annmarie Everette has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years. She discovered her passion for helping others find peace and stillness in their lives while she was raising her three kids. Annmarie now lives in Los Angeles, CA, and spends her days teaching meditation and yoga to people from all walks of life. When she's not spreading the love of mindfulness, you can find her skiing down a mountain with reckless abandon.

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