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4 Productivity Hacks to free yourself from the jail in your mind

Hack 1 – Stop thinking Start Doing

This is the single greatest secret to being the most productive.

People around the globe. It’s not apps; it is not the to-do lists; it’s even not the ability to concentrate (although it is definitely at the top).

It’s the ability not to be in your head and do what you know, you’re supposed to do it. This is more difficult than it sounds. It’s possible.

The most important thing you can do to live a more productive and fulfilling life is to be patient.

It would help if you stopped thinking about it too much to get out of your head everything you do. It’s all about the speed of implementation. Have an idea? Have an idea?

It’s simple enough to do and small enough that you can start it right away. Stay focused on details. Apply your ideas quickly. Fail fast if

You must. At least you now have one less thing that doesn’t work. This means that you will avoid making the same mistakes again.

Are there any simple, quick ideas you need to put into your action? An article you would like to write? A sport that you have always wanted to try? Or, Do you have a favourite band? Productivity can sometimes revolve around work.

It’s all about doing things that help you be better. You might think that watching your favorite shows is boring.

The band will make you feel fabulous, which will help you be more motivated at work. All the best, buy your ticket now and go to that concert! That one tiny thing?

You can do one thing today… please do it!

Hack 2 – Learn to say ‘NO’

Nowadays, we are constantly being asked for things. There are many requests: friend requests, meetings, “just one second of your time”, etc. 

We fear that we will sound rude or that others may begin to hate us. 

Respectful responses are the key. It shouldn’t make them feel guilty for being rejected. 

You can tell an office mate that he requested a meeting at 9 am, and he will say this: “Hey John! I am most productive at work at 9 am. Would you mind if we met at 1 pm?” You can’t.

You don’t have to be a master at saying no. Just choose one person to say no to today. We are simply practicing saying no.

This will be more difficult if you have been a “Yes man” all your life. Choose something you can say no to. 

You might be asked to have lunch or to lend your pen to someone. Just make sure you aren’t about to use the pen. It doesn’t matter how small or large the request is; what matters is that you feel the need to say “no”.

Hack 3 – Take regular breaks

Are you tired at the end of each workday? Do you feel tired after a day of work? Time-Chunking is my solution. It is a simple way to work in small chunks.

You could work for 25 minutes, then take 5 minutes to rest, then do 40 minutes of work, and then take 10 minutes off. Let’s assume you are a writer and want to finish your novel.

You can schedule 2 hours of writing time. Your goal is to complete 1 chapter and create 3,000 words. Then, break down your time into writing time of 25-40 minutes and rest (5-15 minutes)

Writing [45:00 – 1:15] 

Rest (1:15 – 1:30] 

Writing (1:30 – 2:00) 

As your hours increase, you will become less productive and more focused. You can schedule more rest. This will allow you to be more productive in your chosen task.

What is your most important task of the day? Time-chunking is a time-saving technique that can be applied to any task that takes longer than 30 minutes.

You’ll be amazed at the results of the time-chunking technique. You’ll be amazed at the productivity you can achieve. This method will eventually be used in all of your tasks.

Hack 4 – Stop being perfect

This is the main reason for inaction. We believe that everything we do must be perfect. To be successful, we need to be perfect at everything we do.

It is impossible to be more wrong. It is better to get things done than not do them. We may lose sight of the importance of taking action in our quest for perfection.

Our mindset is that “if it’s imperfect, it shouldn’t be done.” This mindset will kill your chances of being productive. I would like you to remove the word “perfection” from your dictionary.

Perfect is not possible. Perfection is not possible. You don’t need to strive for perfection unless you are a scientist, engineer at NASA, doctor or another job that requires you to do it perfectly. Instead, aim for improvement.

Be determined to improve every day.

Cesar Gordon

Cesar Gordon is a life coach with over 15 years of experience helping people achieve their goals. He's also a psychotherapist and the author of many books on mind hacking and self improvement. In his free time, Cesar enjoys hiking and cycling. He is the founder of The 99 Percent Club, a private club for the top of the world’s most extraordinary consultants and coaches.

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