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This sleep position is linked to Alzhiemer’s

Suppose you have Alzheimer and are concerned about the effect of your sleep on your condition. In that case you will be glad to know that there is some evidence to suggest that certain sleep position may be linked to the development of Alzheimer. By choosing sleep position that is confirmed and restful for you, you can reduce snoring and improve your blood flow.

Side-sleeping reduces snoring

Side-sleeping can improve your sleep, reduce snoring and help you sleep better. It may also help prevent Alzheimer disease.

Sleeping on your side helps with digestion and keeps your airway open. The lymphatic pathway, which removes brain trash, works best when sleeping on your side.

AS we get older our throat muscle get thinner. This cause soft tissue to collapse in the throat. When you lie on your back the soft tissue in the back of your throat collapse and narrow your airway. A high cushion can prevent your head from dipping too low and straining the neck muscle.

Another good sleeping position for snoring is the log position. Using a pillow between your knees is another way to keep your body in place. You can also get specially designed buffer to help support your neck.

There are also other way to help you sleep better. One is to use a mattress topper. This are usually made form memory foam, which contours to your head and neck shape and offer pressure relief. They are also cheaper than buying a new mattress.

Proper posture improves blood flow.

Getting good sleep is about sleeping on your side and maintaining a healthy sleep posture. Sleeping on your side will keep your spine aligned and help alleviate neck and back pain. Try some ab exercise to ensure your spine stays aligned, or purchase a specialized pillow. The most crucial part is following through because a good night sleep is essential to your sanity, overall health and happiness.

If you are not into abs, the log position might do the trick, especially if you suffer from sleep apnea. Similarly, a comfortable ergonomic chair might be in order if you are not a fan of the office cubicle. You can even adjust your computer screen to fit your need.

Although you are probably not going to get rich doing this, you will be rewarded with a healthier back plus you will be able to sleep better all night long.

Long sleep may be linked to Alzheimer’s

Long sleep may be linked to Alzheimer disease, but the cause is still unclear. Some studies have reported an association between sleep duration and dementia. Still more research is needed to fully understand the mechanism.

Sleep play an essential role in cognitive function. It is believed that sleep help the brain rid itself of toxic debris. However, poor sleep has also been linked to many type of dementia. This include Alzheimer disease, characterized by impaired memory, recall and problem-solving skill.

A new study examined the link between long sleep and Alzheimer. The research evaluate the relationship between day time napping and Alzheimer risk in almost 8,000 adult. They found that naps increased after a diagnosis of Alzheimer. In addition, men and women who slept less than six hour at night had an increased risk of developing Alzheimer later in life.

The study’s findings suggest that healthy sleep is essential late in life.

REM behaviour disorder causes Alzheimer’s

Sleep pattern may be a contributor to dementia, especially Alzheimer disease. Research show that people with the disease may experience longer REM sleep and a more significant proportion of deep sleep than those without the condition. Researcher hope to discover how this change are associated with the onset of dementia.

Alzheimer disease cause progressive memory loss thinking and behaviour problem. It also lead to cellular change in the brain which can disrupt sleep. Among other symptom patient tend to feel exhausted after a day of activities. They may be unable to sleep well or wake up during the night because of the pain. To prevent this caregivers can take step to improve an individual sleep. For example they can suggest sleeping on there side or stomach.

Researcher examined a group of older adult diagnosed with Alzheimer. Sleep data were collected for 12 year. The researcher reported a U-shaped relationship between cognitive decline and the duration of REM sleep.

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