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These sleep app’s are recommended by the NHS

If you are sleep lover looking for way to improve sleep. You should check out what app are recommended by the NHS. It is important to know which one to download as there are many different one on the market which can vary in feature. But they all work and should help you get better rest.

Stop, Breathe and Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is a free app that help people cope with stress and anxiety by teaching them to control there thought and feeling. It uses various technique including meditation, to help user achieve a more mindful state of mind.

This is done via a series of “mission” or mini-challenge to accomplish the user highest goal, like improving sleep or reducing stress. Aside from the main program, the app also provide user with several additional feature, some of which are free to use. The app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Stop, Breathe & Think has more than a million download and the app can be used on Android, iOS or Window device. There are many feature to choose from including customizable timer, guided meditation, soundscape and several gamification challenge.


Pzizz is an app designed to help you get to sleep. It uses music and sound effects to relax you and aid you in falling asleep.

According to National Health Service, Pzizz is recommended for user who have trouble sleeping. App is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

The app use a built-in microphone to detect the user movement they sleep. It then use a sophisticated algorithm to create unique audio experience for every user. Pzizz play a mix of voice over narration and musical track during the night.

After the program conclude, Pzizz give you a gentle alarm to awaken you. It is designed to help you fall asleep at night and stay asleep during the day.


Headspace is a science-backed meditation app that has helped million of people to relax, sleep better, and manage stress. It offer meditation course and hundred of guided meditation.

Headspace has been leading mindfulness-based information app for more than eight year. Now it has over 65 million member in 90 country. Company has partnered with Sesame Street, the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association to support health-related cause.

Headspace’s Sleep Hub is one of it biggest draw. It includes eight categories of sleep content, including bedtime story and wind-down activities.

Headspace also has a Sleep Radio with eight hours of audio content. Sleep Radio’s “Sleepcasts” and “Soundscapes” include white noise and other soothing sounds. They teach visualization and relaxation techniques.


Pillow is an advanced sleep-tracking app that can record and track many metric. It combine Apple Health app and your device to provide detail. The best part is that Pillow syncs with the Apple Watch to give more detailed analytics.

Besides tracking sleep, Pillow boasts striking features like powernap modes, intelligent alarms and a nifty new Snooze Lab. This isn’t to say that it’s limited to iOS users, as it’s also designed to work with Android wearables. Aside from the usual suspects, Pillow can be controlled by Siri Shortcuts for a more personalized approach.

There is a lot to like about the latest incarnation of Pillow from the sleek new design to snooze-worthy features. However, the company could do a better job at keeping user informed of its latest offering.

Fen Hsuen

Fen Hsuen is a leading voice in the western world when it comes to the masterful art of sound therapy. Originally pursuing high levels of education in neuroscience and pharmacology, she quickly became fascinated by the potential for sound as a healing modality. This interest led her to start brainvalley, one of the first companies to offer online sound therapy courses. Fen is also a psychedelic science advocate, and is well known for her content around health and wellness.

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