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Prince Harry, Mental Health And Internet Trolls – What we all need to learn from this

Prince Harry has been vocal about mental health; this clip shows why he’s right. The two-time Olympic Gold medalist in snowboarding,

Chloe Kim, speaks with Harry about maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising both your mind and body!

Meditation has been used for centuries to combat stress and anxiety. Those with the most at stake refuse it, but Prince Harry recently discussed how he uses this ancient practice to maintain his mental health – something that should be encouraged!

Read how the trolls on social media insulted Prince Harry for sharing something positive

After all, heightened self-awareness, reducing negative emotions and increasing patience and tolerance are three of many possible advantages of meditation highlighted by the Mayo Clinic. So the trolls have made Harry’s point for him: Society is suffering from a dearth of compassion and is in desperate need of mental health intervention. We see this starkly with every vitriolic and petty response to his efforts.

This response inevitably involved the ludicrous accusation that the prince has never known a day of hard work, obviating any need to take time for himself. Of course, these attacks willfully overlook his experience in the military, his commitment to injured service personnel through his Invictus Games Foundation and his work supporting Sentebale, which helps young people living with HIV/AIDS in Lesotho and Botswana.

But it’s more than the unfair insults hurled at Harry that I find rankling; it’s also the way they dismiss the practice of meditation itself. I myself turned to meditation during an emotionally volatile time in my life and found it transformative. Belittling meditation not only trivializes its science-based outcomes, but also might dissuade others who could greatly benefit from it.

Nearly one decade ago, I was a full-time student facing job insecurity and a host of unknowns related to my professional and personal life. At the time, I’d also been trapped in a cycle of familial abuse that had begun to take its toll on my mental health. I was chronically stressed and had experienced depression for the first time. I felt like a shell of a person, and I could see the impact of my declining mental health on my relationships.



The experience of being publicly called out for your mental health is not an easy one. But it’s important to remember that meditation can encourage compassion toward those showing how much they suffer from their negative words and actions–and sometimes this may be people we disagree with or even enemies!

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