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This is my personal experience of understanding anxiety

When I decided to improve my life, I tried to find out what was happening inside me when I felt terrible. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I wanted to break it into individual sensations. 

Dry mouth, racing heart, nausea, shaking, sweating, inability to focus, dry mouth and dry eyes, all the while feeling dizzy. Then, whenever it happened again, I would look at the whole experience and accept it. 

There wasn’t a monster. It was just a collection of everyday emotions. Sweating was not scary. A racing heart is nothing more than a thumping sensation in your chest or a pulsing sound in your ears. 

While nausea and dizziness are unpleasant, they are all average everyday experiences. Only when all of them occur at once can we lose our perspective. Only when they all come at once can we lose perspective.

Write down the unique sensations. If you don’t remember, try to recall it the next time it happens. It cannot be easy to focus on anything when these feelings overtake you. 

Now it is time to understand why each one of these feelings occurs. There is nothing wrong with feeling how we feel. We are not broken. It’s all biology. Everyone experiences the same things we do. 

Our brains’ responses to certain situations are exaggerated. These responses must be changed, so we don’t get butterflies whenever we feel nervous.

Let’s find out why we feel this way. This is crucial because it will help us to think about the next time we feel awful. 

It’s my body diverting blood from my stomach to other vital organs to think I must flee from something dangerous. When confronted with a sabre-toothed Tiger, eating food isn’t a priority. 

My racing heart? The same story. The same story. You can find specific biological reasons behind certain symptoms online if you are looking for them. It all boils down to fighting, or they are only trying to help poor things. 

You might not understand why or what it was. It is terrifying the first time it occurs. I thought I was going to die. This fear is enough to make you think about it next time you are in a similar situation. 

It is enough to make you worry about it again and trigger the same reaction.

For those who have been around for a while, the response 

has become so ingrained in “overreacting to” certain situations that it is almost unheard of. 

Our brains know that it happens immediately every time we are there. Don’t be. These are known as bad habits.

If you find yourself frequently overreacting or engaging in any of the other bad habits mentioned in this article, don’t hesitate to reach out for help from a therapist or counselor. 

Change is hard, but with consistency and effort, it is definitely possible to retrain your brain and develop healthier coping mechanisms. 

Do you have any unhealthy Habits that contribute to your anxiety? What have you done in the past to try and break them?

Fen Hsuen

Fen Hsuen is a leading voice in the western world when it comes to the masterful art of sound therapy. Originally pursuing high levels of education in neuroscience and pharmacology, she quickly became fascinated by the potential for sound as a healing modality. This interest led her to start brainvalley, one of the first companies to offer online sound therapy courses. Fen is also a psychedelic science advocate, and is well known for her content around health and wellness.

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