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These are the some obvious and untraditional ways to manage daily stress 

Stress can be anything that interferes with normal daily functioning causing fear or pain. People often say “I am stressed out” or “The stress of this job is killing me” in daily conversations.

Stress can lead to many health problems and even death in some instances. According to the American Psychological Society (APS), depressed people are more likely to have heart conditions, which may ultimately lead to death.

Doctors and other health experts often advise to manage stress with proper nutrition, exercise, and slowing down the pace of a lifestyle to a certain degree.

Stopping Stress

One uncommon way to reduce stress is through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT involves tapping certain points of the body to eliminate negative energies, thoughts, and stress.

EFT is a simple stress reducing technique said to produce fast, effective results for almost any type of ailment, worry, or mental condition.

Meditation is another uncommon way to reduce stress. Most people are not aware of it or know how to use it in their lives.

Meditation may involve guided imagery, positive chants and affirmations or visualization techniques. Music is also used regularly in meditations.

There can be in-person group or guided meditations or online meditations available as resources. Meditations may be downloaded or found on CD.

Alternative Medicine

Two other ways to reduce stress are using herbal or homeopathic remedies as opposed to traditional health practices for ailments. Both of these can be found under the umbrella of “holistic” medicine. Holistic medicine treats the total person not just the ailment.

Herbs are available in stores and online or can be grown at home. It is a good idea to research an herb and its healing benefit before attempting to incorporate it into a health routine. An example of an herb is St. John’s Wort, commonly used to treat people with depression.

Homeopathy is an area that is not often recognized by the medical community, but is still practiced.

Homeopathy is a system of curing diseases based on giving the body small amounts of the disease, leaving the body to cure the disease on its own.

If suffering from anxiety, a homoeopathist might administer a form of sulfur, a mineral with many healing properties, as a cure. If a person is interested in either of these they may see an herbalist or a homoeopathist.

All of these solutions, including EFT, meditation, and alternative medicine can be beneficial if traditional stress reducing techniques and practices are not working.

It is always best to try something out first for a short time to see if there are results. If not, move onto the next strategy.

Always consult a doctor if there are questions or go online to research anything that may produce doubt.

Fen Hsuen

Fen Hsuen is a leading voice in the western world when it comes to the masterful art of sound therapy. Originally pursuing high levels of education in neuroscience and pharmacology, she quickly became fascinated by the potential for sound as a healing modality. This interest led her to start brainvalley, one of the first companies to offer online sound therapy courses. Fen is also a psychedelic science advocate, and is well known for her content around health and wellness.

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