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4 simple everyday practices that will make you a better real life influencer

Practice asking

It is a mystery why so many people don’t ask for what they want, even though they are desperate to have the things they desire. According to the bible, “Ask for, and you will receive.” Ask for a promotion if you are interested. Ask if you can get someone to buy your product. Ask! It’s not that easy, dude! What if I’m rejected? What if I am made a fool of myself? Rejection happens, and it’s hard to accept. There is no way around it. I wish to promise you that you will get everything you want. You won’t. This is the hard truth. I’d instead be rejected than life with regrets about what could have been. “What if my boss said yes to a promotion? “What if she agreed to marry me?” Why not ask? Action Guide: 1 — Do you have anything to sell? Do you have something to offer? Consider weighing the consequences of both a Yes and a No. Is it worth taking the chance? It is most likely. Assess your situation and ask for the things you want.

Practice giving

The Law of Reciprocity is a great trick for persuasion or influence. It is the idea that when someone does something for us, it gives rise to the urge or greater motivation to do so or give back something. People have the natural tendency to do a favour in return for something. It doesn’t matter how small or large the act was. It doesn’t necessarily mean a friend will give you a car for free. Although small favours and reasonable requests will be accepted, they will likely be granted later. If you are giving because you want something back,

People will discover that you are a fraud, and the law on reciprocity will be used to your disadvantage. An eBook that you wrote? A piece of advice for a friend What about a gift card you don’t use anymore? It doesn’t need to be something tangible. It could be your wisdom or your time. Each of us has something to contribute to the world. All we have to do is look closer and find it.

Practice Teaching

You must educate others about your topic if you wish to influence someone. Knowing the subject matter is key to authority. Imagine yourself as a ten-year-old Pokemon collector and player with dozens of other children interested in the game. They will consider you a god. Why? Because they don’t know what you are doing. They will want you to be there. They will want you to be there so that they can learn more Pokemon knowledge. It doesn’t matter what your job is. Teaching is a powerful tool. Teaching is a powerful way to influence others, especially if it’s genuine and provides excellent information. Take a look at your past experiences – your past jobs, your businesses. No matter your experiences, there are always lessons to be learned. Do you have a knack for writing? Next, teach other people how to write. This will build trust, authority, and influence and increase your ability to persuade others to do the same.

Practice being energetic

You can be energetic and shout out your opinions. It’s an art form. It is about how you speak, your body language and your voice. People prefer to communicate with people who are aware of their surroundings. He will be happier if he is in a happy environment. He will be more animated if he’s in a happy environment. He will also know when to stop talking and when to keep quiet if he is in a sad situation. He will know his voice tone and how loud or soft he should speak. This is what we refer to as “controlled energy”. This is how you react to a particular environment or situation. Action Guide: 1. How you react to a particular situation is essential. These actions may only sometimes be noticeable. Some people will wonder why things went wrong at a funeral where someone made an inappropriate joke at the wrong time. Be aware of the situations you find yourself in and be prepared to act accordingly. Show energy. But don’t show it.

Cesar Gordon

Cesar Gordon is a life coach with over 15 years of experience helping people achieve their goals. He's also a psychotherapist and the author of many books on mind hacking and self improvement. In his free time, Cesar enjoys hiking and cycling. He is the founder of The 99 Percent Club, a private club for the top of the world’s most extraordinary consultants and coaches.

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