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Self Improvement can cause you depression? Find out if it’s true.

Self improvement can be an exciting thing to do. Taking step to improve your life, career, relationship and finance can have huge benefit. However there are some reasons why you may feel like you are becoming depressed. These article will cover some reason you could feel thee way. It will also provide tips for getting yourself out of the depression you might be experiencing.

Accepting negative feelings

A recent study from the University of California, Berkeley has discover that little bit of acceptance can go a long way. It turn out accepting negative emotion is good for your mental health. It may protect you from developing depressive symptom.

While accepting the slight hiccup your experience may not be as easy as it seem you can make it happen with the proper step. First you should do something that you enjoy. Next you should acknowledge that you are having bad day. You should also seek help from trusted adult.

You can do many other thing to feel better, including taking a walk, playing with your pet or by watching a funny movie. But you should talk to a trusted therapist if you can’t shake your emotion.

Stressful life situations

Stressful life situation can have a devasting impact on your mental health. Among other thing they can affect your self-esteem and lead to behavioral problem. It is important to take proactive measure to prevent depression and improve your resilience. You can do these by increasing self-esteem and taking care of yourself. For example, you can avoid alcohol and drugs. Also regular exercise can help you stay healthy.

Several studies have reported a strong correlation between severe stressful life events and depressive symptoms. However the relationship is moderated by several cognitive factors, such as attentional and memory bias.

The Life Event Scale for Student (LESS) is the checklist of 36 item designed to assess the severity of distressing situation for university student. It was develop on the assumption that every life change is followed by an effort to adapt.

Changes in routine

There are mutiple way to help people with depression. Getting the right kind of sleep is one of them. You can also choose activity that are meaningful to you. You should reach out to friend if you feel alone.

Having the proper routine can be a big help. It can keep you on the track and help you to stick social plan. It can enhance your mental health in general. Nevertheless. there is no reason to get overwhelmed by the task of readjusting to a new routine. The key is to find the activity that you enjoy and that make you happy.

For example, you can go for a walk after work or you can turn off the television before bed. Even small changes can make significant impact.


Exercise for self-improvement can be a little more challenging when dealing with depression. But it can also be a great way to boost your mental health. It can help to break a negative cycle of thought and worry.

The research has not been conclusive it seem that exercise for self-improvement can improve mood and reduce symptom of depression. In some study even 30 minutes of activity a day produce a notable improvement.

Exercise can also help to normalize sleep patterns. Sleep is known to have protective effects on the brain. The body release chemicals called endorphins when you exercise. These feel good hormones reduce pain and boost mood.

Exercise may also strengthen up the social relation. It can help you overcome feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

If you are depressed and want to improve your health, you can benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is a type of psychotherapy proven to help patient with depression and anxiety.

Cognitive behaviour therapy aim to change a person thinking pattern and behaviour. It teaches patient to identify negative thought and challenge them. Behavioural therapy various psychological disorder, including anxiety, depression and obsessive- compulsive disorder.

CBT is a time-limited approach to treatment that focus on improving one mental state of mind and self help skill. It take just a few session of about 45 minute each. However, an entire course of treatment may take three to six month.

The concept of cognitive behaviour therapy is base on the idea that your thought can lead to inaccurate experience and self defeating behaviour. By changing your thought you can learn to develop healthy habit.

Cesar Gordon

Cesar Gordon is a life coach with over 15 years of experience helping people achieve their goals. He's also a psychotherapist and the author of many books on mind hacking and self improvement. In his free time, Cesar enjoys hiking and cycling. He is the founder of The 99 Percent Club, a private club for the top of the world’s most extraordinary consultants and coaches.

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