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Are self-improvement books actually good and worth your time?

Is self improvement books good ? There are several type of self-help book in the market it would be challenging to know what to choose. It is a great idea to read reviews and feedbacks about each book before you make a decision. This way, you can be sure you are getting a good read and that you’ll find the help you need.

Dale Carnegie’s book

Dale Carnegie’s self-improvement book, How to Win Friends & Influence People, is a classic guide for improving your effectiveness. he offer many technique for upgrade your social skill, such as being sincere and speaking in a manner people want to listen to.

Book is one of the best-selling books of all time. It has sold over 30 millions copies world-wide. It ranks among the top 10 best-selling books of all time.

Carnegie’s techniques are Machivallean, meaning they appeal to others interests. His ideas are a win-win for everyone.

Carnegie adapted the early 20th-century academic psychology of William James and Alfred Adler. He used these methods to write his self-improvement books.

Brian Tracy’s self-discipline book

Brian Tracy’s self-discipline book is an inspirational guide for improving your life and business. The author has put together a plethora of information into a 300-page opus. He is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and the chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. His books are also available in dozen of languages.

There is a reason why Tracy’s self discipline book are among the top self help book of all time. Self-discipline is an important skill for anyone who wish to achieve success. It is a easy to see why. After all,80% of the value of work comes from just 20% of the task performed. So, it is important to get the most out of your time.

Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a fun self-improvement book packed with valuable tips and strategy for organizing your home. Rather than the standard approach of throwing thing away in small batches, the author of this book encourage you to do thing right the first time.

Apart from the usual cleaning task. The author has also reveal how to fold clothes properly. She recommend a weekend cleaning session.

She also introduce the KonMari Method, a system of tidying your home that she developed. This method of decluttering is like the feng shui of your home.

Brene Brown’s 2010 self-help bestseller

One of the most popular best seller ever written is ‘The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown’. The book talk about how we can embrace our imperfection release our definition of imperfection, and embrace a life of authenticity.

A famous author, speaker, and researcher Brene Brown has published many books that promotes courage and self-acceptance. She has also hosted a podcast and lecture series.

She is an American researcher, social scientist and author. She has made a career studying human connections and the psychology of vulnerability. With six #1 New York Times best sellers and an endowed chair at the University of Houston, she’s been making wave in the self-help industry.

Jennifer Sincero’s “Big Magic”

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Cesar Gordon

Cesar Gordon is a life coach with over 15 years of experience helping people achieve their goals. He's also a psychotherapist and the author of many books on mind hacking and self improvement. In his free time, Cesar enjoys hiking and cycling. He is the founder of The 99 Percent Club, a private club for the top of the world’s most extraordinary consultants and coaches.

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